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Detailed Flames of War data sheets of the armoured vehicles of World War 2 in Country and Date order

Details also include (Photos) (Illustrations) (History)(Armour Detail)

Country Year Vehicle Type
USA 1944 Medium M4A2 (Sherman IIIA) 76mm Medium Tank
USA 1944 Medium M4A3 (Sherman IVA) 76mm Medium Tank
USA 1944 Medium M4A3 (Sherman IVB) 105mm Medium Tank
USA 1944 Medium M4 (Sherman IA) 76mm Medium Tank
USA 1944 Medium M4 (Sherman IB) 105mm Medium Tank
USA 1944 75 mm Gun Motor Carriage M3 SP Artillery
USA 1944 76 mm Gun Motor Carriage M18 (Hellcat) SP Artillery
USA 1944 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage M36 SP Artillery
USA 1944 Twin 40 mm Gun Motor Carriage M19 SP Artillery
USA 1944 Assault Tank M4A3E2 (Jumbo) Tank Destroyer
USA 1945 Heavy Tank T26E2 (M45) Heavy Tank
USA 1945 Heavy Tank T26E3 (M26 Pershing) Heavy Tank
USA 1945 Heavy Tank T26E4 Heavy Tank
USA 1945 Heavy Tank T26E5 Heavy Tank
USSR 1927 BA-27 Armoured Car
USSR 1931 BT-1 early Medium Tank
USSR 1931 BT-1 late Medium Tank
USSR 1931 T-26/A-3 Light Tank
USSR 1931 T-26/A-4 Light Tank
USSR 1931 T-27 Light Tank
USSR 1932 BT-2 Medium Tank
USSR 1932 BT-3 / BT-4 Medium Tank
USSR 1932 T-32 (M-11) Heavy Tank
USSR 1932 T-26/A-2 Light Tank
USSR 1932 T-26/A-5 Light Tank
USSR 1933 T-26/B-1 Light Tank
USSR 1933 T-37 Amphibious Light Tank
USSR 1935 BT-7-1 Medium Tank
USSR 1935 T-35 Heavy Tank
USSR 1936 BT-7-2 Medium Tank

* The data in the above chart is calculated from the actual vehicle details - see our detailed pages

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